Tuesday, April 10, 2012

when plan "A" fails

pan fried tilapia with pesto

I really had a taste for some Puttanesca yesterday so I stopped by the market on the way home and bought myself some anchovies.  I picked up some tilapia thinking they will come in handy during the week.  I couldn't make pasta puttanesca so I decided to use some shrimp I had left over from last week.  I started the puttanesca sauce and starting peeling the shrimp.  I thought they had a fishy aroma but I just put them in the sauce anyway.  I tried one and spit it right out.  STINKY! I bought the shrimp last Tuesday.  I think they went bad.  Shrimp Puttanesca went down the garbage disposal and there goes my dinner idea.  Thank goodness for the tilapia I had just bought.  I pan fried the tilapia and added a dollop of pesto on top.  I also had some grilled veggies left over from Passover dinner, I chopped those up and mixed them in with Romain lettuce.  Josh who is not a fish lover even said, "what did you bread the fish with? This is really good!" My response, "nothing, I just pan fried it."  I think I did pretty good considering tilapia with pesto was plan "B" when plan "A" failed.


  1. I'm sorry your shrimp didn't work out. But that tilapia sounds wonderful! Especially with yummy pesto!

    1. Thanks Koci! It really was yummy. I got fresh shrimp yesterday and made a shrimp and aspargus whole wheat pasta in white wine sauce, it made up for my shrimp puttanesca disaster. I just want to say that I really enjoy your blog. It is great to see Korean food becoming more popular and it is nice to see someone else who enjoys Kimchee chronicles as much as I do! :)