Sunday, April 15, 2012

breakfast of champions for winners

cheddar biscuits and gravy

This morning, I thought I would be super nice and make Josh biscuits and gravy.  I saw a different take on biscuits and gravy on a cooking show last night.  He added a deep fried chicken on the biscuit.  So I thought I would change it up.  What did I do different?  The only thing I did was add some red bell pepper to the gravy, serve a side of deep fried pork tenderloin left over from dinner the other night and added a touch more cayenne than normal.  I put the tenderloin on my biscuit but served it on the side for Josh because he doesn't like his foods touching each other.  This did not sit so well with my food critic.  Did you do something different? I don't like my biscuits and gravy spicy.  He ate breakfast like he was angry at somebody! Ummm, sorry you don't enjoy everything I make, but a little bit more appreciation would be nice.  Some people don't have fiancees that can cook a half way decent meal EVER! I am venting.  That is all.  I completely disagree with Josh on this one.  This one is a winner.  It is the breakfast of champions for winners who like things spicy. 
made the dough in the food processor and let it chill for 20 minutes

deep fried the pork tenderloin left over from the other night


how can anyone not like that?

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