Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Burnt bits! How poetic!

chocolate & peanut butter smore popovers

Happy administrative assistant day!  We are having a big celebration at the office and everyone is bringing in a treat in honor of this day.  I made chocolate & peanut butter smore popovers.  I followed the recipe from Joy the Baker.  The peanut butter was my own touch. Who doesn't love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate?

I made these last night after bidding my parents a good trip to Korea.  They are leaving for Korea today and will be gone for about two months, according to my mother.  If you ask my father, it's more like a one month trip.  They have finally closed a chapter of their lives and closed down their dry cleaners after 20 years in business.  It was really tough for my mother.  Why did they close the store you ask?  The business wasn't there anymore.  They could barely scrape by month to month with the handful of customers they had left.  Nobody really gets their clothes dry cleaned anymore and if they do they go to a one price type of place.  I am sad for them but also happy that my mother won't be tied down to the store and she can have more free time.

We went over to their new apartment to get the keys and instructions on what to do while they are gone.  My mother was more worried about how she would get through two months of being away from Levi.  We bid our goodbyes and by the time we got home it was 7 pm.  The popovers are not too complex or take too long to make.  But when you have a 2 year old trying to get your attention while trying to bake, it is not an easy task.  I did great up until I had to put the popovers back in the oven to toast the marshmallows.  The instructions said to toast for 1 minute under the broiler.  I did exactly that,  when the timer went off and I went to retrieve my popovers, they were smoldering.  I was so upset, Josh left me alone to decompress for about an hour.  It just drains the life out of me anytime I fail a recipe.  I contemplated for a long time whether I should bring these into the office at all today.  I got up this morning with a fresh perspective and scraped the burnt bits off.  Haha! Burnt bits! How poetic!  I brought them in.  I tasted them and they are actually really good.  Burnt bits and all.  I feel like the burnt bits adds to the flavor of the toasted marshmallows, but we shall see.

mixture of flour, eggs, milk and coco powder

They came out of the oven perfect

I spooned in peanut butter and chocolate chips in the little holes.

Place a marshmallow and put it back under a broiler for 1 minute. 
Keep an eye on it or you will burn it like I did.

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