Thursday, March 22, 2012

special spices or a new pair of shoes?

Hello, my is Sarah and I am an addict.  It started out as a hobby.  I use to do it once a week  and now it has evolved into a full blown on a whim anytime type of thing.  I started because I was bored, now its all I can think about and it consumes me every day.  I need help!  These are my additictions.  I have all these ingredients in their varieties in my pantry.

Flour: AP, Baking, Cake, and Almond

Vinegar: Regular, Balsamic, Sherry, Rice, Red Wine, and Apple Cider

Spices: There is not enough space alloted for me to list them all

Cheese: Mozzerella, Parmesan, Cheddar, and Provolone

Hot Sauce: Gochujang, seracha, sambal, and tobascco

Sugar: Regular granulated sugar, brown sugar, powder sugar, corn syrup, stevia, maple syrup, and molasses.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Does your pantry look like this?

I find myself going to the market every time an ingredient is called out in a recipe and I don't have it in my pantry .  Then it starts to consume me.  I need it, I have to have it.  It won't taste the same!!!  Recently I took the plunge and bought Saffron!  I've put Saffron in my shopping cart many times only to put it back last minute.  You know what the bag boy said to me when he was putting the saffron in my bag?

"Hmmm, Saffron that is really expensive."

My response, "I know (with a big hugh sigh)." 

This week I went to the market twice and you don't even want to know how much I dropped.  This hobby is not a cheap hobby. 


Do you have the same problem?

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