Friday, March 23, 2012

serious identity crisis

I am currently in the process of revamping my blog.  It is simple and I am not a simple person.  A friend of mine is designing the logo/header and an unknown stranger volunteered to design the layout for me.  Nice people really do exist.  My friend who is designing my logo asked me what is your theme? Theme? What? I don't have a theme.  I just cook.  I don't cook any specific type of food.  I don't cook healthy food or vegetarian food  or exclusively bake.  I just straight up cook what I feel like cooking.  Then I got to thinking.  What is my identity? What am I trying to convey here in this blog?  I was having a serious identity crisis. 

My blog was accepted to be featured on  I was browsing through the new blogs and all the new blogs that had serious hits were ones that had a clear theme (healthy cooking).  So I thought about it all night and early into the morning.  I revised my "about me" section about 6 times.   I am so many different things. I cannot be categorized into a certain niche.  These are the things that I am:

1. I am Korean through and through.
2. I am also an American living in the Midwest.
3. I am a mother.
4. I use to be an Architect (so I am kind of creative).
5. I love to cook.
6. I am a devoted and loving partner.
7. I love my job.
8. I love my friends and family.
9. I like to bake (dont' love).
10. I attempt to garden.
11. I just got a new camera and I am learning the art of photography.
12. I love attention!  (I wouldn't be posting all my thoughts to the world if I didn't).

So add all the things that I am and there you have it.  That is me and that is what this blog is!


  1. simply me is what your theme should's real life cooking..because normal people don't have a theme to their cooking..they cook different things every day. keep being YOU!!! ~crista

  2. Thank you very much Crista! It really means alot to me that you follow my blog.

  3. Good luck on your new blog design, I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  4. Thank you Donna! I am very anxious too! Thank you for checking out my blog!