Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Confessions of a newbie food blogger

The reason why I started this blog is because I love food and I love cooking.  There is no better feeling you get after you cook something and it turns out great.  When it doesn't turn out great you figure out what went wrong and try again.  I know there are thousands of food blogs out there and what makes mine so special?  Nothing really?  I am just a person who enjoys cooking, taking pictures and sharing them.  I was already doing it on facebook on a daily basis.  I just changed platforms and want to reach more people.  I don't have a fancy page with a pretty background, I don't have breakthrough original ideas and I am certainly not a food expert.  I just cook what peaks my interest and what I feel like eating.  I get inspirations from what other people have cooked and see if I can put my own spin on it.  It took almost 3 years of trial and error to get to the point where I can call myself a decent home cook (and watching a lot of cooking shows).

For instance, this Challah bread I made for Hanukkah dinner 2 years ago was hard as a rock.  My yeast didn't activate as usual.  I really  need to get this "yeast activating" thing right at some point.

These cheesecake lollipops I made twice and failed miserably both times.  I brought them to a dinner party and nobody ate them.  The cheesecake wouldn't get hard enough (they were in the freezer for two days) and the chocolate didn't harden either.

These Blueberry muffins tasted like nothing because I mixed up baking soda with baking powder and I put the wrong amounts of each.

This blog will not always be pretty pictures and flawless recipes.  Cooking is all about trial and error.  I will be honest and frank when I know something doesn't work or if I messed something up.  I don't have great grammer ( I know this).  I scored rediculously high math scores but my English scores were above average.  I will have Josh proof my blogs but we may miss a mistake here and there.  Feel free to point it out.   

On a side note, my son is allergic to everything and I mean everything.  I will ocassionally experiment with allergen free recipes.  He is allgeric to milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.  Oh and we just found out that he is allergic to bananas too.  We don't have an allergen free home and I cook with eggs, milk and cheese all the time.  Thankfully my son doesn't throw a fit when he sees other people eat things he can't have.  The foods that he chooses to eat are Turkey, chicken, fruit and sweet potatoes.  That's it.  He doesn't like bread, pasta or red meat.  I've tried. 

The point is that, this blog was created to document my cooking as it progresses.  Share some stories and give someone an inspiration at some point.  I know a lot of you have at least visited my site and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I would truly love feedback, comments and suggestions.  A friend of mine is starting out as a home cook and said it would be helpful to see the steps narrated along with the pictures instead of having all the directions at the bottom.  Thanks for the suggestion girl!  Will experiment with recipe formats.  I read somewhere that if it weren't for the follower's comments the blog would be me just talking to myself and I whole hearedtly agree!


  1. Hi Sarah!! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!! so glad you are documenting your culinary experiments!

  2. Thanks Sarah! You are my very first comment! hooray

  3. You are a true inspiration. Can not wait to see where this blog brings you. There are no perfect recipes, that's how we end up with so many versions of a meal. Good luck!!!~crista